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What an opportunity!

The right role for you will lie somewhere within the many sectors of the Hospitality industry. As one of the fastest growing industries, currently employing one in ten of the UK workforce, you have chosen an exciting work arena. Your career might be business based, service based or craft based, and you might choose to work for a one man band or maybe see the world with a multi-national. However, what all Hospitality employers want is professional and dedicated people; they are the industry's greatest asset and indeed its lifeblood. So, if you display the right qualities and attitude, then the sky's the limit in this truly dynamic sector.

It is easy to think of the hospitality industry as being just hotels and restaurants but it isn't.

It is:

  • Conferences and Events
  • Contract Catering
  • Entertainment, leisure and theme parks
  • Fast food outlets
  • Health and fitness facilities
  • Hotels
  • Industrial catering
  • Public Service catering, including schools and hospitals
  • Pubs and bars
  • Restaurants

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